Web 2.0

"The second generation of the World Wide Web in which content is user-generated and dynamic, and software is offered that mimics desktop programs."

We are a cutting edge web design and development company specializing in interactivity. The web today is an exciting, dynamic playground of breathtaking graphics and highly interactive functionality...with new features introduced daily.

Our designers and developers thrive on always expanding the leading edge of this technology, and will use our talent and creativity to transform your ideas into a site that performs for you.

Today's internet is all about user experience

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Web design is more than just creating clean code and sharp graphics.

A site that really works fulfills your strategic objectives while meeting the needs of your users. Even the best content and the most sophisticated technology won't help you balance those goals without a cohesive, consistent user experience to support it.

At KerBob, we make your visitor's experience the best it can be.